about us

Joint Institute for Advanced Multimedia Studies

(JIAMS, pronounced like the personal name "James")


JIAMS aims to contribute to the prosperity of the Osaka regional community through media productions by working with businesses and local governments. We also aim to encourage our students to involve themselves in joint industry-university projects as part of their educational experience.

On-the-job Training

We administer Konami Hall and studios on campus in cooperation with a digital contents production company, Digital Media Laboratory. This administrative system allows us to invite professional works or projects to our institute.Accordingly the students can get a chance to learn from professional creators or media managers by assisting them.

License to be an assistant

Any student who hopes to work for a project is required to get a license A, B, or C issued by JIAMS after taking special lectures. Students achieving an "A" level license have priority in taking part in a project.

Joint Project Results

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
For PlayStation 2, "Troublesome Starman, Panic Maker" ("meiwaku seijin panic maker", in Japanese)
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Inc.
For PlayStation, "Prince of Tennis" ("tennis no oji, in Japanese)
Bluemoon Studio, Inc.
The opening movie shown in the reception of the ASEAN summit conference

(not all the projects can be listed due to our responsibility to protect privileged information)